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Wednesday, 9 May 2018


We have enjoyed an unusually long spell of good weather here in West Yorkshire recently. Fields around us have flourished, headlands and hedgerows all green and lush, and the oil seed rape overwhelms the countryside with its vibrant yellow flowers. I love this time of year; it lures people into their gardens, mowing lawns and planting colour, washing blowing in the breeze as the sun beats down. After our long winters and rather depressing temperatures, it feels so nice to sit outside again. Our garden isn't huge, but it's plenty big enough for us, and as it's south-facing it makes it a particularly pleasant area to sit in. My husband does his barbecue bit and Abba rings out from next door as I find myself tempted to sing along and be the neighbourhood dancing queen.

We are in the middle of erecting a large shed. It's going to be rather impressive once finished, and between us we're going to have it ready hopefully in the next few weeks. It's been years in the making, but the smile on my husband's face says everything as I watch him stand back and admire what will become his "man-cave". I'm sure I'll be allowed in it occasionally, with a cup of something or a Jack Daniels and Coke, but it will primarily be his space, a sanctuary where he will create and build and unwind from the responsibilities and stress his job demands. I'm probably as excited as he is about it, though I have my own "cave", also known as my office.

So I have decided to create a new page on this blog dedicated to Jon. It will show progress of the man-cave and give you an idea of the commitment this project entails. It's a great thing to finally feel like you've turned a corner and the goal you've been aiming towards for a huge amount of time, is finally happening, before your eyes, in your own back garden.

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